One Size Does Not Fit All

Trust the experts! Why it’s important to use professional skincare instead of over the counter (OTC) products.

As a professional who genuinely cares for the health of clients skin, this is a question I often get asked, “Is there really a difference in the skincare you sell and the skincare I can get in the drug store?” The answer is YES!!! Below are some of the many differences between professional products and those offered in the checkout line at your favorite department store. 

1. There’s a high concentration of active ingredients in professional skincare. The first thing you should do when buying a product is check out the ingredients, taking note of the first five ingredients in the list. These are the ones that the product contains the most of. Sadly, OTC skincare products often show ingredients like alcohol or preservatives as one of the first five ingredients. Why pay money for something that says it should hydrate your complexion when in fact could lead to dryness, clogged pores and irritation? 

2. OTC products often contain parabens, sulfates, and fillers. These are simply added into products to promote the shelf life which have no positive effect on your skin. Parabens and sulfates are chemicals that are known to be harsh for your body, so it is important to always find products without these added chemicals. 

3. OTC products are often advertised as a “one size fits all”. When it comes to treating your skin, everyone’s is unique and requires unique care. What works for one complexion can cause imbalances for the next, so when it comes to buying products, it is crucial to visit a professional aesthetician to aid in your search for the right skincare products that will promote a healthy complexion. 

4. OTC products are backed with tons of money in advertising. News flash! There’s no way that gorgeous super model is actually using a $29 product she bought on TV in her home regimen for her skin. The truth is the big guys in the beauty industry are funding advertising for all of these said “wonderful” products to benefit their bank account not to benefit your skin! When it comes to buying a product because you saw an influencer talk about it – chances are they’re being paid to promote that product and aren’t actually using that product themselves. 

5. OTC products are produced in large quantities. When products are formulated in mass amounts the finished product loses its ability to remain fresh and be effective. Professional products are produced in small batches to promote high effectiveness and to ensure fresh ingredients.

 6. Professional products are backed by real ingredients that promote healthier skin and real results. When it comes to talking to a licensed skincare professional we are here to meet your needs, as we are in this industry to help, teach and promote healthy habits when it comes to your skin and your overall well-being. Need to revamp your skincare? Follow the link below to book a product pickup and we will be more than happy to help you find the right choices for your skin type.

With love,

Kelsea Brown

Licensed Aesthetician, Animal Lover, Outdoor Enthusiast

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