3 Benefits to Having a Skincare Guru (oh yeah, also- New Year, New You)

Welcome to a new year, a new decade, and a fresh start. We all know its resolution time and we’re here to help on the beauty home front with a few tips to kick off 2020 with Spa98.

1. Lose 20lbs —-> just KIDDING! If you need help with that, we can refer you out, meanwhile, we’ll be over here sipping champagne cheering you on during those push-ups. We still encourage exercise and a healthy diet as everything stems from your overall health, yes…even your skin.

Start by cleaning out those bathroom cabinets and that vanity…yes, it’s time.

Is it over a year old? Chances are that it is, and you should chuck it in the trash. This includes facial products, body products, make up, and anything oral or topical. Consult your physician about meds, we’re your skincare guru’s. This is important because products oxidize and lose their active formula over time which means you’re smearing the not-so-good stuff on anymore, make ups retain bacteria which can lead to infection, and it’s just simply pointless to take up precious shelving space.

Simplify and save time and money.
“I don’t have time, that’s a lot of steps to remember, and it get’s very costly.” Understood, got it, problem solved.

We understand that time is of the essence and that’s why sometimes it’s better to simplify your routine. I also might add that you only get one face so maybe set aside a few minutes each morning and night to ensure longevity, it doesn’t have to be 30 minutes, 5 will do. Being consistent will classically condition you and without thought you’ll be in the mirror strolling through steps in a jiffy. Stepping off the high horse now.

Get yourself started with a foundation and build from there. Three good staples are a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer with SPF to start a simple regimen. The exfoliator is only necessary 2-3 times per week so you can eventually add in a serum (game changer) and start targeting a specific concern. i.e., hyperpigmentation, fine lines, texture, etc.

As you build a routine and create your ideal regimen, the best thing to do is rotate your product choices. There is nothing worse than draining your beauty bucks all at once so maybe keep it to a maximum of 2-3 products as you only refill them every 3-5 months. Cleansers and moisturizers always seem to be on the same cycle and serums alternate. You can still budget your treatment and leave with the necessary ammo for anti-aging.

Set your skincare goals now.
We all get caught up on the latest and greatest products and gadgets out there but what do we do with them once they arrive? Mostly kick ourselves after the disappointment in results and low funds, then toss it in the back of the cabinet. Refer to the beginning of this… channel your inner Marie Kondo by first thanking it then into the trash it goes. Boom, back to business.

Skincare goals can vary, and you should start by asking yourself what you’d like to improve first. Maybe it’s adding professional products with routine facials, learning more about which products and/or treatments may be right for you, or tackling unwanted hair with some waxing experts. Luckily, we can provide all of those.

Monthly facials are important in order to remove the top layer of dead skin, clean out those pores, and restore hydration to damaged and dull complexions. Even if you aren’t on the most regimented plan, this is always a refreshing and much needed delight for yourself and your skin. Our cell turnover rate is approximately 30-40 days and needs a good boost every 4-6 weeks with a professional treatment in house. This rate slows down with age and will need more help (manual exfoliation aka facials) and that’s why consistency is important. If it helps think of your skin like your house. We deep clean the carpets, but we still need to vacuum every day.

At Spa98, our treatments are simplified and customized to the individual’s needs during the time of that appointment. In every case, exfoliation is important, so we use different modalities such as dermaplaning, dermabrasion, and professional grade products to achieve that smooth surface and dewy glow. It’s a real thing and if you don’t believe me go read our reviews or just come try it for yourself.

Que the fireworks.

We’re here to set you up for success with healthy skin and a happy glow. I truly mean it when I say we have your best interest at heart. We continue to educate ourselves, bring you the best products and technology, and provide the most amazing facial you’ve had in a while and hopefully ever. Honesty, hard work, and a genuine love of our clients and our profession is what you will find at Spa98. Learn about us at www.spa98.com and book online for your life changing experience ahead.

Karen Brown
Licensed Aesthetician & Entrepreneur, Dog Mom, & Adventure Seeker.

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