Name Description Price
Acne Facial Treatment This treatment is geared to clarify and rid the skin of dead cells and bacteria by cleansing, exfoliating, and extracting. Microcurrent, LED or high frequency may be used to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. We will also discuss a homecare routine and proper treatment plan for problematic skin. Acne clients are typically looking at a series of treatments to help achieve clearer skin and desired results.
*protocol varies per skin type
Diamond Peel Facial The Diamond Peel Facial is our signature luxury treatment. This facial is relaxing yet result-driven. Dermabrasion is incorporated by using a suction- like tool with diamond encrusted tips. This is designed to help remove dead skin, diminish fine lines, and leave you with a smooth texture and fresh glowing skin. $150.00
Anti-Aging Facial The Anti-Aging treatment is perfect for all skin types. A 5% Lactic + Collagen mild self-neutralizing peel is used as a corrective exfoliation, followed by peptide restoration and hydration. Different modalities such as galvanic, microcurrent, and LED may be used. This facial is guaranteed to get rid of dull skin and leave you rejuvenated and glowing. $150.00
Classic Facial The European Facial is a great treatment for all skin types and is customized to each individual. It involves gentle cleansing, exfoliating, extractions as needed, followed by a renewing massage and mask to fit your needs.
*protocol varies due to client skin type.
Express Facial The Express Facial is the perfect treatment for the person on a time crunch or that just needs a little boost. This mini facial involves cleansing, exfoliating, and a customized mask. *extractions vary* $60.00